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New Technology Solves Industry-Wide Problem

A Little About Animas

Over the years, the leaders here at Animas Data Solutions have observed the very high costs and general frustration associated with incomplete, inaccurate, and quickly out-of-date provider data. We decided to apply deep technical expertise proven to streamline the handling and enrichment of very large provider and member datasets to every payer use-case. This has led us to develop effective solutions in provider data management for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans.

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We Can Help with Provider Data Management


Regulators are more exacting on provider directory accuracy than ever. We constantly monitor many streams of provider-referenced data to help us curate and keep your directories current, accurate, and relevant.

Provider Data Management

Your provider network is the beating heart of your organization. With mounting pressure on good patient outcomes, sorting through the mounds of duplicate and conflicting provider data is becoming vital for your success.


Ensuring that your provider network is optimally represented to cover regulatory requirements can be complex and requires constant oversight.

The amount (billion) the commercial healthcare industry spends annually in maintaining provider databases
The error rate CMS found in provider location data from its second-round review of MAO provider directories
Of consumers were unable to schedule an appointment with their initially selected physician provider
Per Member Per Year – Added cost of manual claim adjudication and claim appeals due to inaccurate provider data

Our Solution?

ProviderLenz for Provider Data Management

The problem of inaccurate provider data haunts health plans everywhere because the information is decentralized, lacking common oversight.

Our SaaS platform, ProviderLenz, solves this problem as a technology-enabled provider data management solution that taps into all known but unlinked streams of provider data to, first and foremost, curate accurate online directories in real time.

ProviderLenz applies big data and AI disciplines to virtually eliminate the burden on providers while improving provider data accuracy and completeness for all operational areas within a health plan that rely on it.

ProviderLenz also automates the CMS-required process of surveying a health plan’s contracted providers each quarter to update information.

Cut Administrative Costs and Reduce Revenue Leakage With Always-Accurate Provider Data